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2014-08-31 09:14 pm

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Why no Mike Peterson & Bucky Barnes fic? You really expect me to believe these guys are gonna go off after HYDRA & Co. at the end of their respective stories and NOT run into each other??? 65,000 stories on AO3 and nothing on this theme except, IIRC, a mention in Legacy. Again with the disappointment, fandom.

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2014-07-05 08:03 pm

Looking for recs for the new Merlin/Gwaine collection on AO3

Started a Merlin/Gwaine recs collection on AO3: archiveofourown.org/collections/merlin_gwaine_fic

It's open but moderated. Feel free to submit fic or suggestions. The only rule is that the end pairing or end goal must be Gwaine/Merlin. Slash and pre-slash welcome. Slash-if-you-squint friendship fics will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
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2009-06-03 02:35 am

Many thanks!

Many thanks to [personal profile] painfullystoic for giving me an invite!